Our primary regulator, FINRA, provides numerous investor education materials. One resource is BrokerCheck, which provides information about firms and financial advisors.

Rachael Allderige is our client relations manager and oversees the processing of client paperwork. Prior to her start at First Financial Associates in 2004, Rachael worked in the financial services industry for several years. Outside of the office, Rachael enjoys spending time with her family as well as vacationing in upstate New York and Maine. You can contact Rachael at or 860-657-3000 x207.

Devin Buckley is the point of contact for our money management program. Devin joined our firm in 1997 as a part-time intern at our office while still in high school. His rich history with our firm makes Devin skillful at nearly any office task. His many passions include fine food and wine, cars, exploring real estate, and the outdoors. He particularly enjoys year-round trips to Martha’s Vineyard with his family. Devin lives in Kensington with his wife and two boys. You can contact Devin at or 860-657-3000 x216.

Colette Weber has worked for our firm since 1987 when its roots were still in Hartford. She has experience in nearly every aspect of the support services side of our financial and retirement planning office and her current concentration is in executive support and client communications. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Worcester State University and brings a colorful work history that includes many years with the Hartford Whalers and the Bay State Bombardiers, the Boston Celtics’ former minor league affiliate. Colette is an avid sports fan and proud Colorado native. She and her husband live in Portland with their two children. You can contact Colette at or 860-657-3000 x212.

Lauren Krauchick graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Art Therapy from Marywood University. She is a newly married proud mother of two daughters and one stepson who keep her busy outside of work. When Lauren isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her family, finding new creative ventures, and listening to vinyl. You can contact Lauren at or 860-657-3000 x0.