What We Offer

Retirement Planning

What do you want your retirement to look like?  When do you want to retire?  When do you think you can retire?

Every retirement plan is different, but the most important aspect is that you have a plan.  A retirement plan through First Financial Associates will consider your needs, desires, and realities to give you a road map to the retirement you deserve.  Based on our discussions and knowledge of your situation, we will use our expertise to customize your unique retirement plan.  Throughout our relationship we will revisit and revise that plan as needed.


Financial Planning and Education

We believe everyone should have a plan for retirement.  But you likely have financial questions today that need immediate answers.  We can help you budget for your household, or determine a strategy to get out of debt.  We can also give you advice on your current 401(k). Would buying or leasing a car make sense for your life? Do you need financial advice about buying a home? We can advise you and answer any questions you have to create that plan.



We want to help you protect your loved ones from undue hardship in the event of unforeseen tragedy.  We can help you find a suitable life insurance or disability plan, and help you determine the level of protection you need. If you already have insurance, we can look at your coverage to make sure that your needs are met, and to detect any potential future issues.

Through our network of professionals, we can also connect you to health insurance and Medicare plans.  Like us, these professionals are independent and represent a wide swath of companies and products, and strive to find the best solution for you.


Estate Planning

We can answer your questions about estate planning and assist you with developing strategies to meet your goals. We also have a strong relationship with an attorney who can fulfill any of your needs regarding wills, trusts, living wills, and healthcare proxies. Or, we can work with your existing attorney or tax professional.


College Planning

Planning for college has its own special type of apprehension and we will help you navigate this process.  From 529 plans to what types of assets count for what on the FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid), we can help you.


Investment Expertise

We believe your financial goals will benefit from our investment expertise.  Whether the task is determining the right mix of investments for you, or if a particular investment is appropriate, our mission is to take the guessing out of the process and give you peace of mind.  Our independence means more options for you, including access to alternative investments that can be an important portion of any portfolio, if appropriate for your personal situation.


Alternative Investments

Do you have alternative investments in your portfolio? While alternative investments provide an important level of diversification, many investors may be missing out on this asset class. We specialize in various alternative investment opportunities that may move independently of the rest of your portfolio. We can help you determine if you are qualified and whether alternative investments are right for you.